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Never miss another big gainer! Our hot stock text alert system will give you the information you need to be a successful trader – when you need it. Away from your desk? Grabbing some lunch? Teeing off on that tough par four? Doesn’t matter. Our alerts are sent directly to your cell phone so you can make the plays that make the difference between playing the market and beating the market.

At MobilePennyStocksGuru.Com  we specialize in small cap and micro-cap stocks. We firmly believe that investing in small and micro-cap stocks is the best way for traders to make serious money right now and in the future.

It’s more common for a small cap 0.5 cent stock to explode to $0.50 or $1.00 in a short period of heavy trading than it is for a $10.00 blue chip to creep up to $100.

You think Microsoft (MSFT) trading at $28.00 can jump to $100.00 in five days? Not happening. But our last pick, EcoBlu Products (ECOB) went from $0.24 to $1.14 in three days. That’s a 500% return. $5000 got you $25,000 in less than  a week.

It used to be that an average trader was at a disadvantage against the big boys because they lacked the capital and the information resources that the institutional firms had. That is no longer true. In today’s market, all investors have access to a huge amount of information and new technology.

It is now commonplace for individual traders to far out-performed the professionals. With the right tools and the right information, traders have made gains as high as 7500% in the small cap market. That’s serious money. Cutting edge technology, like stock alerts sent directly to your cellphone, can help an average investor to become a above average profit taker.

We do serious due diligence on each company we profile and our promise to you is that we will not take a company were are not sure can make you money. It’s tough enough to trade smart. We are here to help you make profits by putting you on real companies that we feel will take off.

Try us for 60 days.It’s simple and completely free. From you cell phone, text STOCK to 46768. By using the ’shortcode’ text system your data is always protected.

You can also enter your information into the form on the right hand on this page. That way you’ll get our hot stock newsletter and our full company profiles. That information goes to the same protected data base. We will never sell, rent or give your data to anyone.

So sign up and watch the companies we profile. Track our performance. See what being the First To Know can mean for your bottom line.

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